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Our First Pyrenees (Female)

Denali ("Nali") was our first Pyrenees that we brought home almost 10 years ago when we moved out to the country. She has an amazing personality and is a big part of why we fell in love with the breed. She is a fierce, loyal guardian, but sweet as ever with all our animals and humans alike. She has the true wonderful Pyrenees coat that "self-cleans" and doesn't mat- is full and beautiful. She is truly an amazing example of what the breed should be both is appearance and temperament. She has the perfect Pyrenees personality!  She comes from some of the best championship bloodlines and we have gone back to the same excellent lines for later females. We love her so much!

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Male Pyrenees

Timber is our youngest Pyrenees and Suko's son. He is so willing to please, and really loves to play. He also loves to guard & has strong protective instincts. He has a beautiful Pyrenees coat like both his parents. Both his parents were also very tall!  He is from our first litter.  He has a true Pyrenees personality and the socializing payed off! He loves people and has been a great guardian of the goats. Above -he is a young puppy following our old timer, Koda, around in the field 



Female Pyrenees

We got Tundra to be the companion for Suko. She is from the same family tree , with champions in her line, as our beloved Nali (Denali). We were hoping she'd have the same amazing personality as Nali and SHE DOES. She is smart as ever, and helps us out by finding all the weak spots in the goat fencing :) - The smartest of all our Pyrenees, she has even opened the fridge! She has very strong guardian/protective instincts, and she's still sweet and mellow. She's just like her grand parentage - but with the most adorable badge face.

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First Male Pyrenees

Dakota ("Koda") has been patroling our farm since 2011 as a companion to Nali. They are quite the pair and instinctively work together. When we take walks, he stays by us the whole way, while Nali runs ahead to scout out any danger. Koda is so mellow, but everyone knows he's boss. He, like most Pyrenees, wants to protect the whole neighborhood, unless fenced in a yard. He loves to guard everything, even the cats. They love to sleep on him.  He is loyal, majestic, and even has a sense of humor. 

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Male Pyrenees


We brought home Sequoia (Suko) a few years ago when our first Pyrenees started getting up there in age. We wanted the older Pyrenees to have a part in mentoring the next generation on the farm. Handsome Suko is a great guardian, affectionate, and a little more playful than usual for a Pyrenees. He also has a beautiful coat that  "self-cleans" as the breed standard should. REALLY! He is also eager to please and surprisingly obedient for Pyrenees who can be a little stubborn!