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Puppy Purchase Details

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more


than he loves himself" ~ Josh Billings

Puppy Price


Puppy price varies slightly 

between litter

& sometimes gender.

But we price puppies generally between $650-$800 for AKC

limited registration.

This last litter 

(Litter C)

Puppy Price was $800


Deposit is $300 and final payment is due on pick up. Deposit and final payment may be made by Cash, Paypal, and  Venmo the day of pickup.


*( If you want to pay by check, I  occasionally have accepted them but require you to visit us on site, in person  first, and then payment made 7-10 days prior to pick-up so check can clear. 

Training Sessions

We offer a complimentary pick up training session for those new puppy owners who are interested. For new owners who leave near enough, we offer 2 more complimentary follow up sessions. I strongly believe that  proper AND consistent socialization and training is the key to a happy adjustment and smooth transistion to a new puppy.

Puppy Deposit

Puppy Deposit is $300- non-refundable, (except if we find a new home for puppy by 7 weeks of age, Then I refund a portion ($200) back to you. I try to be very fair here. Most breeders require a non-refundable deposit, with no refund if you are unable to take puppy. I understood why after our first litter. It takes A LOT of time finding great homes- answering questions, emailing, phone-calls, texts, and keeping information up to date across media- IN ADDITION to caring for puppies. When we have to start the process over finding a new home, it's hard and potentially not good for the puppy. (They have an ideal age to socialize with a new home). The deposit is a way to help people be very sure about a new puppy. However, we also understand that life happens. That is why I make a portion refundable-IF we find a new home in a timely manner. And, you can always transfer your deposit to a new litter for yourself or a family member.


Wait list  is a list of people interested in a puppy. I keep the list i in order of when people first contacted me and they can specify preferred gender. When puppies are born I contact people in the order that they  are on the list.  I  allow 3 days for contacting people and then  if I do not hear back after 3 days, I move individuals to the bottom of the wait list.

Puppy Paperwork

Puppies come with *limited AKC registration. You will receive the paperwork to fill out or do online registration for your puppy. Puppies are not register-able unless provided the official paperwork, which the breeder is given. Registration with AKC will cost buyer approximately $30 and can be done anytime within the first year after puppies birth. After that, there is a late fee. In the end, it is up to you whether you decide to register your puppy or not. Purely personal. We also have a very basic contract we use, that states you will treat the puppy humanly  and with love and all necessary care. Beyond that, we don'r tell you, the owner,  what to do with your puppy.  However, we do offer an optional 1 year health guarantee, and for that to be in effect you must feed and care for your dog within a few guidelines stated in a special section of the contract.. The latest research shows that lifestyle and environment play a greater role on health than do genetics.


(*please call about anything other than limited registration)

Puppy Pickup

Puppies are picked up at our homestead between 8 and 9 weeks of age. This is the ideal time to have them bond and be socialized to their new environment and people.  We prefer you to pick up your puppy in person. We love to meet you and it is important to try and always see the environment a puppy comes from. Beware of puppy sales where seller does not want you to see the parents or where puppies have been raised. 

If time permits, we also offer a pick up training session for  individuals or families, if so desired. One of the most important things you will do is to properly socialize and train your puppy when they are still young (8-12 weeks of age is ideal for socialization and learning). 

If you are unable to pick puppy up in person, we understand and can either help arrange shipment (usually around $400-$600 ground or air) OR

We also offer personal door to door delivery  on a case by case basis (depending on the location and our schedule). For delivery we charge the cost of gas and a daily rate as well based on our actual travel expense.  Unfortunately, we only have enough time to offer this to a few new owners. If you are interested in our door to door delivery, please let us know ASAP.  We can also give you a door to door delivery price for your location, but it is always less expensive than most pet shipping services.

Details~ The "Nitty Gritty :)

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